Airs In Schools

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As part of the Taranaki Basketball in schools coaching programme, Community Coaches are in Taranaki schools providing coaching and basketball sessions. Community Coaching sessions provide a fun way for kids and teachers to get involved in basketball, and also provide resources and support for schools to continue to develop basketball programmes.

The Kiwi Sport Programme in partnership with Sport Taranaki is providing community Coaching programmes to Primary and Intermediate Schools with a class set of basketballs and coaching manuals which include lesson plans to give teachers and volunteer coaches everything they need to deliver basketball programmes in their school.

To further help the learning process, the Taranaki Coach Assist programme provides introductory coaching sessions and re-courses for junior coaches every year- ensuring that the parents, teachers and friends who volunteer their time to coach junior teams have everything they need to do the job.

The Taranaki Steelformers Airs players also get heavily involved with the Taranaki Basketball Coaching in Schools Programme, with the Flagship Mountainairs Coaching Experience giving up to 100 hours a week of free coaching into schools in the Taranaki region over the NBL season. This also gives the schools a chance to meet the team and experience what being a Air is all about.

Through the Taranaki Basketball Coaches in Schools Programme the Airs deliver over the course of the season almost 1700 hours worth of free coaching, also coaches manuals and handbooks to help develop basketball in the Taranaki region.

The Taranaki Coaching in Schools Programme isn’t just about basketball, it’s about making today’s young talent, tomorrow’s stars.